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To raise the quality of school education by improving the attitudes, increased application of knowledge and enhanced teaching skills of teachers.



To grow into a premier institute of resources, research, educational technology and skill development in the field of teacher education in India.

Through all this we at SCERT are working to empower teachers who will ensure that every child in Delhi shall receive learning that helps them to be happy, responsible, healthy and productive citizens



  • To identify areas of difficulty in learning and teaching, and resolve them
  • To develop and cultivate tolerance and inclusiveness as the hallmark features of school education in Delhi,
  • To explore and develop new methods and techniques for effective teaching.

 We believe together we can make a change.



In pursuance of the recommendations of NPE, 1986 and its Programme of Action, the State Council of Educational Research & Training (SCERT), Delhi was established as an autonomous organization on May, 27, 1988 for providing academic resource support in improving the quality of school education in Delhi.

To achieve the aforesaid objective, through the tottering steps of infancy, we learnt the ropes of development of in-service/ pre-service course designs/syllabus, teacher training materials, conduct In-service Education of Teachers (INSET) Programmes/ETE Course and undertake research projects aimed at finding solutions to problems. The subsequent years saw us repeating the same processes with many variations and in varied hues, thus, enabling as to further refine our skills.

The work of SCERT and District Institution of Education and Training (DIET) covers the entire spectrum of school education.

The SCERT has focus on secondary education. The DIETs have adopted Lab Areas Approach to conduct studies, experiment new techniques, undertake action research and field testing to provide academic support at grass-root level in their respective districts in the area of Elementary Education. The inputs by SCERT and DIETs have resulted in professional growth of teachers, teacher educators, educational administrators and other educational functionaries leading to improvement in their effectiveness and efficiency.

The SCERT and DIETs have to quickly respond to the changes in content, methodology and evaluation to empower teachers and other educational functionaries to enable them to effectively address the problems of students. Along with the professional growth of the human component, the development of quality teaching-learning material and undertake research are some of the important tasks conductive for attaining the objectives of quality education and a responsive educational system. SCERT is striving hard to achieve this goal.

At present, eight Govt. DIETs one DRC is functioning under the overall guidance of SCERT. The DIETs have a mandate to conduct Pre-Service Teacher Education in the form of two year Diploma course in “Elementary Teacher Education (ETE)”. The Govt. DIETs also organize INSET Programme for Primary School Teachers and Headmasters.

Additionally, 21 Self Financed Recognized Private ETE Institutions affiliated to SCERT, Delhi are conducting ETE course. Also, 30 Self Financed Recognised Private Institutions affiliated to SCERT, Delhi are conducting two year Diploma Course in “Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)”. SCERT has responsibility of admission, examination and certification of these private recognised ETE and ECCE Institutions. Academic Resource Support to these is provided by SCERT in the form of development of curriculum. SCERT also has a mandate to ensure that these institutions function in accordance with the established Norms.

SCERT has made a serious attempt to institutionalize teachers in-service education as it is an essential component for their professional growth. Systematic efforts have been made to bring in clarity about the focus and perspective of in-service education and develop/ implement a model of training involving the following steps:-


  1. Conceptualization regarding general and specific objectives
  2. Development of Course deigns
  3. Development of Course materials  
  4. Orientation of course Director and Resource persons  
  5. Training  
  6. Evaluation and follow-up

SCERT is also conducting an In-Service B.Ed Course with due recognition from NCTE and affiliation with GGSIPU, Delhi. The approved intake is of 100 students per year. This course is unique because the students are In-service Assistant Teachers from the education department of GNCT, Delhi who are due for promotion to TGT but cannot be promoted due to lack of B.Ed qualification. The students are paid their full salaries by their department during the session.

The development, publication and dissemination of Teaching-Learning Materials in the form of Textbooks, Manuals, Question-Banks, Handouts etc in print format and e-TLM is an essential component of SCERT’s effort to improve the quality of school education in Delhi.

The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) has resulted in the creation of “New Media”. SCERT, Delhi has kept itself abreast with the pace of change. We extensively use e-mails for communications with all the DIETs and ETE/ECCE private institutions for admission/examination related work. We also uploaded all our ETE/ECCE Admission lists for 2011-12 session on our Website to communicate with people and ensure transparency. With in 2011-12 we have also started online submission of admission forms for ETE and ECCE course admission. This resulted in saving a large amount of Govt. money. We have also been using Computer Aided Learning (CAL) materials for the past few years during INSET Programmes.

While most of technologies have a problem of interaction, during large scale INSET Programmes, we solved this by using CAL materials, LCD projectors and wireless mikes given to the Resource Person and the participants. SCERT, Delhi also has an EDUSAT Learning End of the NCERT network while the teaching end is at CIET, NCERT. We have been participating in Video Conferences using this equipment to provide training to teacher educators and pupil teachers. This equipment enables the participants in our classrooms to interact with the experts at the learning end, while all other similar classrooms across the country can watch our interaction. Similarly we can watch interactions of all the other classrooms in turn.

As the ICTs in varied forms becomes more affordable and enhance reach and interaction capabilities, we hope to further attain the target of quality and quantity in teacher education.

The SCERT Delhi, has a well stocked library, CAL Lab., Educational Technology Lab with the capacity of development of e-TLMs, Work Ex Lab , Science Lab.


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