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State Resource center For Art and Culture in Education (S.R.C.A.C.E)
Mr. Vimal Chand ------ Head, DIET, Darya Ganj




To recognize art as a core subject an important tool for developing skills for students and Teachers to master their lives.




To broader the spectrum of art and co-relate it to everyday life, to provide technical assistance and art aesthetic to art teachers and art students




Art education comprises of the exploration of the various means of communication (verbal and non-verbal). It encourages developing creative expression and sharpens senses through keen observation of the environment. It constitutes an important area of curricular activity for the development of the wholesome personality of the learners in the field of art and culture.

Good access to and participation in artistic and cultural activities give children and young people important tools for mastering their lives. It has been felt that it is of great importance that art teachers and students have a platform for enhancement of art and culture. A resource centre for Art and Culture in Education will cater to all these goals.

The resource centre creates an opportunity to provide a special place for activities related to local culture and traditions. It will be situated in the area where art and cultural activities find a boost. The resource centre is also expected to encourage the community to take involvement in the schools as they will be involved in preparations and the use of the centre. The centre will also enable the students to meet their peers in an open, informal space to perform activities, presentations about cultures, traditions and other educational activities outside the classroom.




With the development of new concepts of education, a great need is felt with each passing day for the counseling, monitoring and supervision of art and culture in education. The centre is necessary for the following ideals.


• Pre-service teachers of art and culture.
• In-services teachers of art and culture.
• Artistic fulfillment of more than 1000 art teachers (TGT & PGT) in Delhi Administration schools.
• Development of all aspects of art as given by the CBSE and other boards (list of subjects given)
• Arranging/organizing workshop and training session for the teachers and students who have not infrastructure or resource centre at school level and also be provided the developed material.
• Through this resource centre research field of art and culture will also be enhanced and supported. A broad resource base may be provided for the same.




Overall aims and objectives for the resource centre are:-

• To disseminate knowledge, promote appreciation, provide training and sponsor or undertake resource training in these fields with the objectiv of further development by encouragement of innovation within the state and by interaction with artists of other states.
• To provide an environment that is imaginative, significant and contemporary, and engages with local, national and international communities in arts initiatives.
• To provide a creative space for pupil teachers, art teachers, art educators and interested clientele from the community to try out creative ideas in art
• To provide training to the above target group time to time to enhance and update their aesthetic and creative potential.
• To provide the resources in terms of books, developed materials, documentary movies, CDs, traditional recorded play etc. shared ideas to the above groups required to develop and further their needs in art and aesthetic education.
• To provide a platform for mutual and continuous sharing of creative ideas like exhibiting the art work of the above group.
• To develop an awareness of the historical, sociological cultural and aesthetic context of works in art.
• To broaden the target group’s knowledge and appreciation of the wide range of cultural expressions.
• To develop the capacity of subject teachers and art teachers to integrate lessons with elements of art and culture.
• To introduce students to the cultural activities so that they gain understanding and awareness of different cultural values represented by different groups, resulting in respect, conservation and embracing cultural diversity in school and the community.
• To enhance the cultural concept among students and community members and hence increase community involvement which contributes to strengthening the school-community relationship.


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