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DIET Moti Bagh is one of the nine DIETs established under the aegis of SCERT in the government of NCT of Delhi following the recommendations of NPE 1986. This institute came into existence in 1989 to cater the needs of district south for achieving the qualitative improvement in elementary and adult education program. This institute is committed to introduce innovative interventions at grass root level towards achieving above objectives through various mechanisms including training and orientation of elementary school teachers, masters, inspectors, instructors of AE and NFE and resource persons: academic and research support to elementary and adult education system in the district, action research and experimentation to deal with specific problem of district.
DIET MotiBagh has been established as a pace setting institution with the objective to bring qualitative and quantitative enrichment in elementary, adult and non-formal education in the Central district, through conducting research, experiments, training, developing materials and providing resource support. Since its establishment, DIET MotiBagh is constantly engaged in achieving these objectives.
This is an institute that captures the multi-faceted personality of the elementary education visionaries. The institute performs a wide range of academic activities with the idea of development of a complete personality, self-discipline, spirit of co-operation, innovative ideas, scientific temper and missionary zeal which are the necessary part of studies. The institute is being run with the initial in-take of 150 students..





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