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RESULTS at Glance

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RESULTS at Glance

Result Analysis of DIET Moti Bagh:

ETE I Year (2010-12)

Student Appeared 147
Student Passed 144
Student Re-Appeared 03
Student Failed None

147 students appeared in the ETE I Year Examination. Except three, all students passed the exam successfully. Out of 3 re-appeared students, one student could not clear the Teaching of Social Science Examination.



RankName of the Class TopperMarks Obtained
1 Tabassum 76.62%
2 Prachi 75.85%
3 Shivani Gupta
Shalu Panwar

On top three positions, female students secured all three positions. Male student could not get any top three positions.


Internal Assessment

External Assessment

Name of the TopperMarks ObtainedName of the TopperMarks Obtained
Anoop Gupta 85.38% Shalu Panwar 74.87%
Deepak Mehta 85.00% Tabassum 72.31%
Harsh Aggarwal 85.00% Shivani Gupta 71.54%

Toppers in the internal assessment could not be a class topper whereas all the toppers in the external assessment were also toppers in their class. There is a remarkable point that all the toppers of internal assessment were male students as well as all the toppers of external assessment were female students.

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