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The Journey So far...................................................... .
DIET Moti Bagh is one of the nine DIETs established under the aegis of SCERT in the government of NCT of Delhi following the recommendations of NPE 1986 with the mission `To provide academic and resource support at the grassroots level for the success of various strategies and programme being undertaken in the area of elementary and Adult Education with special reference to achieve the objective of Univeralisation of primary/ elementary education’. This institute came into existence in 1989 to cater to the needs of district south for achieving the qualitative improvement in elementary and adult education program.

As a pace setting institution DIET Moti Bagh is continuously striving towards the objective to achieve the goal of universalisation of elementary education and bring qualitative and quantitative improvement in elementary, adult and non-formal education in the district, through conducting research, experiments, training, developing materials and providing resource support to the schools. Since its establishment, DIET Moti Bagh is constantly shouldering responsibility to achieve these objectives which has increased manifold after the enactment the R..T.E. Act. The act strongly calls for inclusion in schools necessitates teachers to understand all children and especially the children with differently abled. To support schools for inclusive learning friendly environment in class rooms and to train teachers in various disabilities, Director SCERT encouraged DIETs to take a lead and set up ‘Resource Centres’ in all the DIETs of Delhi where support in all forms can be given to teachers, parents and students in one chosen area of disability. DIET Moti Bagh was entrusted with the work in the area of Hearing Impairment. To set up the ‘Resource Centre’ the prerequisite was to understand the concept of Hearing Impairment and get in touch with agencies/institutions /personnel working in the area. We, at DIET also needed to understand the role of a resource centre, its establishment and material required to set up a ‘Resource Room’.

The team of faculty-members geared up and took charge. There was enthusiasm to learn and seek new information.


It is a proud privileged for DIET, MotiBagh to establish Resource Center for Hearing Impairment, fostering Advocacy, Awareness, Training and Referral services. Teachers, therefore, must be empowered and trained to identify children with special needs and be able to deal with them in classroom along with other normal children. In this reference one day inauguration cum Seminar/Consortium was conducted on 27th April’12.
It is our great pleasure to invite all the stake holders to attend this programme . The theme for the consortium is “Inclusive Education concerns and issues, focusing on Hearing Impairment”.
The consortium was organized invite paper presentation from educationist and specila experts/institutions who are actively engaged in this field. This event provided platform for exchange of innovative practices in the field.
We hope to bring to the platform the newest and the best solutions to foster and harness innovation in elementary education.
We hope this Resource Center for Hearing Impairment - at DIET Moti Bagh gives you the hope, inspiration, and information you need to form positive attitudes and help your child succeed.


 Major Achievements of 2011-2012:

  • INSET training Programme for Primary teachers of Distt. South and Central Zone.

  • INSET training Programme for Teacher Educators

  • Training for Pupil Teachers of DIET MB

  • Establishment of Resource Center

  • Organized Consortium on “Inclusive Education concerns and issues, focusing on Hearing Impairment”

  • Purchase of material related to Training of Teachers on H.I.

  • Preparation Videos on inclusive Setup.

  • Visit to different H.I instates in Delhi and Outside Delhi.

  • Meetings and workshop with different Organisation and NGOs working in the field of H.I.

  • Capacity building programs for Stake holders


Our Publication 2011-12:

  • Print Material for teachers/special teachers and teacher educators-“Making the difference”

  • Audio --Video On Inclusive setup ,for Hindi for class III

  • Audio- Video for H.I in Social studies class I

  • Audio- Video on Sign language for pupil teachers.

  • Audio- Video SEP Ek Anokha safar

  • Souvenir for the consortium

  • Brochure for the resource center

  • Copies of different ACTs related to PWD

  • RTE ACT with reference to Inclusive Education.

  • Collection of Resource books for Teachers/teacher Educators/ Pupil Teachers


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