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Director's Message


Dear friends and colleagues at SCERT, I am joining your esteemed organization as Director. Most of you, I have met during my career. I am looking forward to working with you all in our combined endeavor of bringing in a change in the teaching learning processes being used in schools across Delhi through our orientation courses. 

  SCERT has the prime role of orienting teachers and Heads of Schools in the new environment in transformation of education system which can be achieved only jointly and with close cooperation among all stakeholders. We have to strive forward to achieve the targets which the government and the society expects from us. 

  I am aware that at this stage SCERT is poised to take a leap forward which will change the entire complexion of the organization. Let us all pool all our energies in bringing about this change which is of paramount importance for the quality of education, future of one children and nation.  

   I am confident of your support and hard work in achieving the desired goals. Let us not forget that we are not just teachers. we are the managers of the greatest resource CHILDREN. Let us work with the perspective of improving quality of learning processes by one learning and orientation of teachers. I believe that motivation is already buying within us like matchsticks. we need to light it, then we can enlighten the entire universe. I personally know that all of us have the potential to deliver the desired results. we can do it and we will certainly do it. Good morning to all.

With warm regards,
Sh. Rajanish Kumar Singh
Director, SCERT

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Last Updated : 13 Aug,2020