Introduction to CSL
Introduction to CSL

SCERT believes strongly in the power of leadership training to shape and direct change, both in Delhi Government Schools and in individual lives and careers. Through Cell for School Leadership (CSL), SCERT programs are designed to strengthen both individual and organizational performance.  This cell focuses on developing the skills of Principals and other HOS.Our integrated approach includes training, and impact studies. Our programs emphasize core competencies and behaviors essential to quality leadership, including emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication skills, team building, problem solving, self-awareness, and collaboration.

CSL uses a variety of techniques, including professional learning sessions, classroom walkthroughs, online learning and assessment, and individual and small-group coaching to conduct the following:

  • Build school leaders’ expertise in classroom observation, analysis, giving feedback and designing support for instruction.

  • Build instructional leadership capacity of new and experienced principals and other school leaders.

  •   Lead the implementation of major initiatives such as School self-evaluation framework.

  •   Acquaint HOS with the changing roles in 21st century Teaching Learning.

  •   Creating learning cultures in schools.


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