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Quality improvement of INSET Programmes by SCERT

SCERT had been organizing Training Programmes for Teachers in smaller groups of 50 teachers in each group. SCERT had also been organizing Orientation of Teachers in groups of large number of participants (200-400). In this methodology resource persons were using Power Point Presentation through computer and LCD projector to provide the requisite connect to the participants.

This methodology enabled SCERT to cover a large number of teachers. The feedback provided by participants and experts has provided deeper insight into this type of methodology, therefore in an attempt to further enhance the quality of our INSET Programmes,' during 2010-2011 and again in 2011-12 we are proposing to organize all types of INSET Programmes (Training/ Orientation) in smaller groups of 50 participants in one group. This methodology of training/ orientation in a smaller group will make the training :

1. Activity-based - The participants will be able to perform required activities either individually or in groups of five to get the first hand experiences.

2. Participatory - In smaller groups participants can actively participate in the discussion instead of being a passive listener and thus, remove their doubts and confusion etc

3. Peer group sharing - Participants can also share their classroom experiences and innovations with their peers thus, resulting in enriched learning.

4. Closer Interaction with participants - Resources persons can move amongst the participants, thus, developing a closer rapport and enhanced interaction with them.

5. Since 2009 -10, NCERT textbooks at all levels are being used in all Government Schools. The course content in most of the subject in the light of NCF 2005 which emphasis constructivist approach in learning has been made activity¬ based, project work, assignments and laboratory work. This kind of work can be done more effectively in smaller groups,

Due to the above factors, we are now proposing the smaller group training methodology (for all types of INSET Programmes) which enhances learning. thus, improving the over all quality of training.

We have also proposed Training of Master Trainees for TGTs in all subjects and also for Assistant Teachers to enable us to have sufficient number of Resources Persons. This cascade model of training will ensure the same quality of content transaction and interaction in each group of participants.

However, we have also taken care of achieving the required targets as follows:-

1. We have proposed training programme for different subjects/group of participants to be organized with effect from April 2011 onwards throughout the year.
2. Mostly, at one center there will be 2 to 4 groups (depending upon the total number of participants).
3. There will be required no. of centers for different subjects running simultaneously.



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