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Contact Person  Dr. Sunil Kumar
Contact No. 011 - 24331320


SCERT library has  been digitized and we hope to be able to link up with other major library soon. We are also working to make enable on this link video of good lecture on  different subjects of interest of school teacher and children.


SCERT Library is a state reference library in the field of education, GNCT of Delhi. SCERT library is also maintaining  separate B.Ed library for providing services to In-service B.Ed. programme for teachers. It has various types of collection including reference books in the field of education and related areas. It has about 26,000 documents and 24 Journals ( National and International) in the field of education and allied areas. It also maintains press clipping services in the field of secondary education and related areas. At present SCERT library/B.Ed. library are following manual system for issue and return of library records to the students/faculty and other staff of SCERT library. At present SCERT library has initiated the process of Library Automation since April 2010. As a result SCERT-library would now be able to computerize the complete records and provide the OPAC facility to all the faculty and B.Ed. students at this stage which may be available to other users due course of time. SCERT library is also planning to network all the DIETs library under one roof to locate and retrieve the documents without loss of time. In future the library will provide the facility to subscribe journals online for access to the users through Internet at their own desk.


The objectives of the library are:

  • To facilitate creation of new knowledge.
  • To facilitate use of library services by the bonafide faculty/other staff and students.
  • To encourage and foster reading habit among staff and students.
  • To provide the Networking facility to the users.
  • To provide OPAC and online Journals facilities to the users.

    Services provided by the library :

  1. Issue and return of books for home use
  2. Each user is provided library cards for issue of books.
  3. Magazines and periodicals are meant for consultation only.
  4. The library is open on all working days from 9:30A.M. to 6:00 P.M. except holidays.
  5. The library will provide the facility of computer and Internet access to retrieve the documents and information form the library and find the record of books issued, digitalized books etc.

    Click here to See -  List of  Library Books

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